La Couleuvre Bridges Project in Haiti

La Couleuvre Bridges Project in Haiti 

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Help over 80,000 people travel safely year-round.

The Bayonnais Valley is a beautiful and rugged area in the northwest of Haiti.

The primary road connecting the Bayonnais Valley to surrounding communities is intersected by a river near the community of La Couleuvre, which translates directly to “The Snake”, because of the winding path of the river.

EWB-USA are designing & building two vehicular bridges to serve the communities in the Bayonnais Valley in Haiti, with project partners OFCB in Haiti and Friends of OFCB in North Carolina.

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The Need

Safe crossings

Most of the time, the water levels run only a few inches deep at each river crossing. However, water rises quickly during downpours, cutting off the community’s access to education, livelihood, commerce, and medical care.

Drownings are not uncommon, and in September of 2013, several teachers employed by the local school were washed downstream in a school bus on their way home from school. The teachers were rescued, but the bus was a total loss.

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Our Impact

Past Projects

Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) partners with local communities to provide engineering solutions to help communities meet their basic needs. The San Francisco Professional Chapter of EWB-USA has had a long and successful partnership working with Operation Force for Christ in Bayonnais (OFCB) in Bayonnais Valley, and their sister group, Friends of OFCB, in North Carolina. Countless lives have been improved through projects arising from this partnership, including the completion of a vehicle bridge in 2006, and the completion of a new medical clinic in 2012.

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Centre de Sante Bethesda de Bayonnais Medical Center

Design and construction of a 3,000 sqf medical facility which provides prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, trauma care, pre-natal care, dental care, health education and more.

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School Electrical System

Design and construction of a 4kW photovoltaic system to serve the 2,000 students and teachers who attend or teach at Operation Force for Christ in Bayonnais.

Chapel Bridge

Design and construction of a vehicular bridge which connects two regions within the Bayonnais Valley. Thousands of farmers rely on this bridge to get their produce to the market at La Chapelle every week.